Cloud Accounting Software for New Businesses

New Businesses face many challenges just to survive. You need to be focusing on what you do best – whatever sector that may be in. One of the most common mistakes new businesses make with regards to accounting software is to either not select any software (and try to manage the accounts in excel) or to select a software package that does not fit their growth strategy. Both are very costly errors.

Your accounts are the pulse of your business. They tell you how healthy (or unhealthy) your business is. They provide important information on how your business is performing, and where you can make cost savings and operational efficiencies. Cloud Accounting Software gives you the ability to view the health of your business in real-time, with added efficiencies and in-depth business intelligence.

Should you be so lucky to have a fast growing business, then the last thing you want is for your accounting system to slow you down. With any fast growing business you will be using all your energy and time to make sure the daily operation of the business runs smoothly. You do not need to be worrying about an accounting system that will continuously fall over.

AccountsIQ is a modular system that can be scaled up to any business size. We only charge you for the functionality that you require from day 1. Thereafter you can increase the functionality as you require. There will be no issues with regards to transactional volumes, data storage and number of users – as we will only charge you for what is needed for today. If you develop new systems and processes we can integrate the software into these systems with ease – making enhanced efficiencies.

One of our most common sales leads is a High Potential Start Up company that calls us asking for help saying they chose a system that they have outgrown after 12 months due to the success of their business. Quite often the old system has actually hampered their growth as the entrepreneur has had to focus on just maintaining the old system rather than focusing on the daily running of their fast growing business. The opportunity cost of this is huge and can often have a huge impact on the future of the business.

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