Cloud Accounting Software for Supermarkets

A Cloud accounting system can greatly improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your Supermarket chain. Whether you are a single entity or a chain of shops, getting real-time information about your business will help you make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. Cloud solutions mean that as soon as a sale is made at the front of house you can have the accounting system updated instantaneously. This information can be analysed in real-time, whether it is for one outlet or 100’s. You can quickly identify and manage stock issues, update pricing from one central source and manage single entity and group accounts in real-time.

Integrate your accounting system

We can integrate into any system including POS and ePOS systems that will automatically update your accounts when a sale is made. You can also integrate the accounting system into your website, including using the accounting system to drive web pricing and stock availability. AccountsIQ has already integrated into Bleep and Fourth hospitality and other integrations are available. For a full list of integrations and integration points please see here.

Consolidated Accounts:

  • Easily and quickly create Consolidated Accounts, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Inclusive of minority interests and groups within groups (hierarchical).
  • Define Benchmarking KPIs and Metrics for Group and Local level franchisee outlets.
  • Individual franchisee P & L, Sales & Purchase reporting with Group Consolidation and Analysis.
  • Consolidate multiple currencies and control FX revaluation at Group level.


  • Completely “Own-Brand” the system for your entire Company network.
  • All Reports and Enquiry screens branded with your Logo and Corporate message.
  • Personalised Dashboard and KPIs for your franchise specific business.
  • Online Help & How to Guides, Videos and Training material.
  • Personalise the Terminology/Nomenclature.
  • Improve your company identity, loyalty and employee morale.


  • Multiple simultaneous Users.
  • Control and limit access by individual user.
  • All Users must have Private Passwords.
  • Grant or Deny Access to Functionality by User.
  • Grant or Deny Access to Reports by User.
  • Grant or Deny Access to Dashboards by User.
  • Higher level Permissions for certain roles.
  • Individually structured Menus for each User.
  • Audit and track changes and transactions by User throughout the system.

On-Line Collaboration:

  • Continuous collaboration between outlets.
  • Collaborate On-Line with your Accounting and Tax Advisors.
  • Collaboration with Banking and Tax systems.
  • Collaborative Noticeboards between Franchisor and Franchisees.
  • Shared Services & Central Purchasing.
  • Collaborate and grant access to remote individuals and service providers.
  • Centralised Document Management & Virtual Office.
  • Office Emailing and document sharing.

Business Intelligence and Reporting:

  • Flexible User designed Chart of Accounts with a common Coding system throughout the Franchise network.
  • Easily and quickly replicate existing Franchise Outlet structures to create new ones.
  • Departmental P & L within each Franchise Outlet.
  • Customise your Reports and Dashboard KPIs specific to your business.
  • Drill Down capabilities throughout the system.
  • On-Line Enquiries and Instant Reporting at any time of day.
  • Budgets and revised budgets at Group, Company and Departmental level
  • Extensive Sales Analysis and Income Reporting by Product, Product Group, Outlet, etc.
  • Comparative Performance Reporting and Statistics – Peer Comparison, Prior Period Comparison, etc.
  • Export any Report to Excel


  • Real Time up-to-the-minute Dashboards.
  • Approval workflow processes for management of Purchase Invoices & Payments.
  • Central Management of Product Pricing for all Franchise Outlets.
  • Group Purchasing for multiple outlets.
  • Automatic Preparation of VAT Returns.
  • Automated Bank Reconciliation.
  • AccountsIQ APIs facilitate easy integration with external systems (CRM, Payroll, etc.).
  • Integration with many POS and ePOS providers.
  • Integration with Retail websites.
  • Integration with ePayment solution providers and other Banking solutions.

Insomnia coffee storeAccountsIQ uses the Software as a Service (SaaS) commercial model whereby all operational Client services are provided for a single low monthly usage Fee. This includes provision of all the required Server Processing and Storage infrastructure hosted in the highest security Tier IV Datacentres, all Databases, Application Software and Upgrades, Application Support, Infrastructure Management, Backups, Security patches, 24/7 operation with access from anywhere in the world and with 99.98% uptime. The infrastructure and service is completely scalable and can be expanded as your Franchise operation continues to grow and prosper. Whether you’re a large or small multi-unit franchise owner, whether you own and operate all your own outlets or have independent franchisees or a combination of both, implementing an On-Line Cloud Accounting system to go hand-in-glove with your POS or Shopping Cart operation will facilitate unprecedented dialogue and collaboration within your franchise network and result in a much more unified, cohesive and productive business operation. AccountsIQ is the system, designed for and implemented in many of our Franchise Customers to date. Why not join this growing band of technological savvy business owners who understand the many benefits to be had from adopting an on-line Cloud Accounting system?

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Some of our Group Clients:

Franchise Clients

What our Clients Say:

We sought to deploy cloud accounting software without the limitations of starter systems, and just as vital – one that could produce financial reports quick and easy whilst reducing the costs associated with ERP.

AccountsIQ is the perfect mid-market solution with powerful consolidation capabilities perfect for our franchise needs.”

Chief Financial Officer – SuperCuts

“We are impressed with the reporting capabilities of accountsIQ, and with the support we got from the accountsIQ team in implementing the new system.

A cloud solution makes so much sense for a multi-location business like ours. We now have a strong foundation on which to manage and grow our operations and develop our franchise model, while maintaining tight control .”

Barry Kehoe – CFO Insomnia

Case Studies:

Case Study 1: Supercuts in the US

Case Study 2: Insomnia Coffee

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