Implementing a New Accounting System

If you’re implementing a new accounting system for your business, it’s important to look for a software partner that can understand your needs and fit with your company values. For the best chance of success, make sure to consider these points when choosing a new accounting software provider.

A system that meets your needs

The chances are, you’re implementing a new accounting system because your old software just doesn’t cut it any more. With the new implementation, your new software partner should be able to reassure you that they can cater for your business needs.

  • Make sure the sales team has a very good understanding of your requirements. Do they work with other companies in your industry, providing similar services? Ask for references and if possible.
  • Two business men implementing a new accounting systemWill the product have the functionality that will solve your pain points? Don’t be afraid to ask the team the hard questions and get them to provide evidence of the software’s functionality through a demonstration. A long list of features may sound impressive, but it’s no good if you’re not actually going to use most of the functionality you’ve paid for.
  • Will the technical sales team be involved in implementing the new accounting system, or will they hand over to a separate team? If the latter, often your requirements can get lost or mis-communicated, and the cost of delivering them can change.

Experienced team members that can answer your questions

Look for a software partner with a highly experienced team. Not only will they have the knowledge to recognise your needs and suggest useful functionality you might not have thought of, they’ll also be able to answer your questions based on the know-how they have built up over years of implementing accounting systems and working with your particular product.

  • Training from AccountsIQ when implementing a new accounting systemWill you be working with the software provider directly, or are you buying from a reseller? Resellers don’t generally have the same degree of experience and expertise that allows accounting software vendors to provide the high service levels you expect.
  • Do they provide training and support? Look for a team that can help you get the most out of your new accounting system, rather than simply selling the software and leaving you to it. Check whether they will be happy to answer queries as they arise.

A company that fits your value set

Implementing new accounting software is always a high-stake project. It’s important to get it right, so your new partner will need to provide robust project implementation and high service levels. How can you tell you’ve found the right company? Here are some questions to consider before implementing a new accounting system.

  • Does the company fit with your value set?
  • Is it a small enterprise or a larger operation with support staff in call centres?
  • Do they seem to care about the success of your software implementation, or just about making a sale?
  • Do they have clearly defined escalation procedures, to reassure you that problems will be dealt with promptly and efficiently?
  • Are they endorsed by reputable companies and have client case studies to back this up?

To discover more about implementing cloud accounting software and what AccountsIQ can do for you, get in touch for a free consultation and a demo. Alternatively, download our guide to implementing a new finance system.