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Typically priced for larger businesses, financial consolidation systems are a Group Accountant’s dream. Unfortunately, these complex applications are out of reach for many growing enterprises, who are still trying to consolidate using spreadsheets. Consequently, month end reporting is time-consuming and error-prone, particularly if working with different systems and currencies.

AccountsIQ is a smart, yet affordable Cloud accounting software platform with Accounting, Consolidation and Business Intelligence in one powerful solution. Finance teams can save a week a month with automated consolidation across multiple currencies, streamlined month-end close processes, accurate real-time reporting and gain better financial control.

Remove the frustration of manual workarounds. Discover how our consolidation software makes consolidated reporting across your group so simple.

AccountsIQ’s main success for us has been the efficiency it has brought to the business. The product is a good fit for our pretty complex accounting requirements and AccountsIQ gives us real value for money. We can consolidate 80 entities in a few minutes.

Lee Camp, Finance Director, Salamanca Group

See AccountsIQ’s Consolidation Software in Action

Many accountants manage their financial consolidation by way of simply amalgamating accounts, rather than having a system which can automate more complex protocols and provide real-time reports.

AccountsIQ’s consolidation software removes these frustrations by providing true and timely, complex financial consolidation at an affordable price. AccountsIQ gives you a clear view through your Group accounts in real time, in just one click, and in any currency you choose.

We’ve tackled the problem in a unique way. By linking the range of branch-level ledger codes to a common set of group codes, AccountsIQ consolidation software allows your subsidiaries to enjoy individual coding structures while you retrieve and drill down the data that you need, in just one click, at any time.

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AccountsIQ’s enriched consolidation module brings you all of the key aspects of financial consolidation:

Complex ownership including partial ownership, minority interests and Groups within Groups

Automated intercompany transactions and eliminations

Post-consolidation adjustments at Group level

Multi-currency accounting to ensure every subsidiary is using common (centrally-controlled), daily exchange rates

Consolidated budgets and revised budgets, actuals and variances, rolled up from subsidiary holdings and with drill-down ability

AccountsIQ’s consolidation software can be installed as a stand-alone reporting module where trial balances are imported before consolidation, or it can be used by each subsidiary as its primary accounting system then linked into the overall Group structure for consolidation.

Learn more about how financial consolidation is made easier with our multi company accounting software.

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  • Consolidate multi location subsidiaries including sub-Groups
  • Manage complex ownership such as minority interests
  • Handle multiple currencies and centrally control exchange rates
  • Perform month end currency revaluations
  • Analyse budgets, actuals and variance across the Group
  • Simplify inter-company charging
  • Provide Group Sales and Purchase Analysis
  • Benchmark performance and analyse trends across the group

We evaluated a number of accounting software packages but AccountsIQ was the one we ran hardest at. The accounting can be as simple or as complex as you need, new entities are easy to add as the business grows, yet it tackles some heavyweight processes like consolidation and multicurrency reporting with ease.

Marcus Karia - Group Financial Controller, Arix Bioscience

Designed for the cloud, AccountsIQ is unique in providing Accounting, Consolidation and Business Intelligence in one powerful solution.