Hopefully all of your burning questions will be answered in the FAQs listed below, but if not please contact us for a chat to discuss further. We review these questions regularly and will be adding more over time. You can also check out some of our case studies and customer testimonials to see how we’ve helped solve the pain points of our customers, improving productivity and streamlining processes to give them greater business insight than ever before.

Product Features

What are the main features of AccountsIQ?

AccountsIQ has been designed with accounting, consolidation and business intelligence all in one cloud accounting system. Features include:


Who is the ideal customer for AccountsIQ?

AccountsIQ is ideal for any organisation that requires a flexible General Ledger, strong dimensional reporting, group consolidation and has international/multicurrency requirements and wants to have a system in place in 12 weeks or under.

Can the software handle different year ends?

AccountsIQ can handle different year ends, however if companies are consolidating together they will need the same accounting periods across the group. If year ends don’t align across your group there are two options:  leave entities outside the consolidation layer and manually consolidate, or set entities up with incorrect year end but they use the value of true year end position with routines and reporting in the system.

Can I assign multiple users?

Yes, as the administrator of the system you can assign as many users as you wish, you will also have total control over access levels for each user. User profiling is available for functions, dashboards and reports.

Can I attach documents to each transaction such as Purchase Orders and Invoices?

Customers can easily drill down to individual transactions and down to items on an individual invoice without having to pull out any invoices or back-ups. Our customers love this feature.

Do you have a mobile app to capture and claim expenses?

Our expense capture app saves users a lot of time reclaiming expenses and makes the expense claim approvals process smoother. The App enables:

  • Capture via smartphone a photo of expense item or receipts
  • Add in expense category coding including use of fixed expense items that can be locked [e.g. Subsistence Rate]Tag to a project/job/BI code for reporting purposes

    Submit as part of a claim for approval to line manager.

    The claims can then be routed via our approvals app to the relevant line manager for approval

  • The app integrates to the General Finance Ledger and can be included in payment runs once approved.

Which currencies are supported?

AccountsIQ supports all major currencies. It is possible to add a new currency such as a crypto currency.

Can I manage payroll on AccountsIQ?

AccountsIQ has an integration with BrightPay Payroll Software and it is possible to integrate it with other cloud payroll solutions as required.

How many customers do you have?

We are continually adding new companies to our growing client base, but at the last count we have 4,000 companies using AccountsIQ and their entities across the world. Our product is also white-labelled by companies such as PwC who use it for all their customers under the My Financepartner name.

Why haven’t I heard of AccountsIQ before?

We’ve been around for 12 years but have grown organically through partners as well as providing white-label solutions for growing businesses thanks to our partnership with PwC. AccountsIQ won Mid-Market and Enterprise Accounting Software of the Year in 2019 and 2018 as voted for by users and its software is accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales (ICAEW).

What are the limitations of the software?

There aren’t any physical limitations of the AccountsIQ solution as such. Regarding transaction limits – we have tested 50,000 per day and with regards multiple entities, we have tested 280 entities for one customer all without any problems.

The platform is available in English and is used in 85 countries around the world.

Can I generate invoicing through AccountsIQ?

Yes, AccountsIQ also has the option of emailing invoices, statement and remittance advices to your customers. There is also a document repository facility within the product so you can also email any attachments housed there.