Hopefully all of your burning questions will be answered in the FAQs listed below, but if not please contact us for a chat to discuss further. We review these questions regularly and will be adding more over time. You can also check out some of our case studies and customer testimonials to see how we’ve helped solve the pain points of our customers, improving productivity and streamlining processes to give them greater business insight than ever before.


Do I have to implement AccountsIQ or do you implement it?

Our accounting software implementation team are a highly experienced professional services team, including qualified experts in accounting, technology implementation and support, who will deliver a detailed implementation plan with your Finance Team. We implement AccountsIQ for most of our customers, however we also work with lots of accountancy practices who implement it themselves and use our platform for their clients within their outsourcing teams, as well as other software business partners who are fully accredited to implement AccountsIQ software, such as ION.

We like the look of the software but think we might need help getting our finance processes in shape. Is that something you can help with?

AccountsIQ has relationships with trusted implementation partners who are accredited to implement our cloud-accounting software, and they also provide a range of additional services such as finance advisory services, outsourced accounting, assistance with integration with other business applications, custom-building management reporting, and even acting as a CFO for your business.

How quickly can we get up and running on AccountsIQ?

We can get clients up and running relatively quickly and have migration paths for companies moving off certain products such as Sage Financials, where we can get clients up and running with the Core Financials in 3 weeks or less. We also have examples of companies who have been set up in a couple of days such as Artichoke Trust. For larger companies, it can take 12 weeks depending on complexity and the client’s readiness and ability to move quickly.

We are currently using an on-premise system. How easy is it to switch and implement a cloud solution?

We have a highly experienced professional services team, including qualified experts in accounting, technology implementation and support, who will deliver a very detailed implementation plan with your Finance Team. They have a great deal of experience helping companies transition from older desktop technology and other starter cloud accounting software.

Once live with AccountsIQ, we provide comprehensive training, ongoing expertise, and technical support to ensure your users are confident using the software, and importantly, are able to take full advantage of all the benefits offered by AccountsIQ.

When is the best time to change accounting software?

You can start using AccountsIQ at any time, however it is easiest at the end of a VAT period. It is not essential to wait until year end.

Where is my data held and how secure is it?

We have top tier hosting sites in UK, Europe, USA and Australia. For UK customers, data does not leave the UK.

Each entity has a unique database (i.e. their records would be held in a separate unique database and not comingled with records from other companies in one large database).  The application as well as the hosting site have been independently ‘penetration tested’ by PwC UK to ensure there are no “holes” in the application that would allow malicious attacks or unauthorised access. Data is protected behind three layers of firewalls and all data going in/out of the system is encrypted.