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Niche Accounting and Advisory Service

flinder is an international award-winning business disrupting the role of accountants servicing SMEs, particularly in the mission critical discipline of making rapid, well informed business decisions using financial & operational real-time management intelligence.

flinder specialises in the areas of data, technology, innovation and service quality. They are a new type of niche accounting firm targeting complex, growth-aspiring SMEs. flinder is a technology and implementation partner to AccountsIQ.

Who do we support?

flinder supports fast-growth businesses with their new approach, which makes real-time business-wide management intelligence and process automation the driving force behind improving clients’ business performance. AccountsIQ’s partnership with flinder allows users to work seamlessly together at no additional cost.

Read how flinder and AccountsIQ’s combined accounting software and reporting solution helped Green Rock transform the visibility of their entire business.

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