AccountsIQ – For Accountants
AccountsIQ is particularly suited to practices providing accounting outsourcing services.
With a separate database for each client and their subsidiaries you have a robust, scaleable architecture to manage your outsourcing.

You can start clients on AccountsIQ and they can stick with the system, and your service, as they grow.

And with accountsIQ consolidation module, you can service group clients, multi-outlet businesses and clients with multi-currency accounting needs.

Account Consolidation Software

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Our software provides real-time access to consolidated results across all client group accounts from a single, shared system.

Business Intelligence data can also be consolidated so you can easily obtain and provide a group overview of key performance data.

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Business Intelligence features enable you to provide in-depth insights into the performance of your clients businesses.
Our cloud accounting software includes extensive Business Intelligence features.

You can create and track important business drivers which impact on your clients’ business performance, but cannot always be measured in pure financial terms.

Using custom dashboards, critical up-to-the-minute performance reports can be professionally and expertly presented to clients.

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Apply your Practice or Outsourcing service branding to our software, integrating software and service to create a unique practice offering.
Customisation elements include the branding of log-ins, support documentation, and support emails.

Using custom dashboards, critical up-to-the-minute performance reports can be professionally and expertly presented to clients.

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Take on more clients with the same staff as AccountsIQ streamlines client collaboration.
Our software improves month-end processing with automated workflow features such as ebanking, recurring invoicing and currency re-valuations.

Document Management reduces the need to chase clients for all important supporting business documents.

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AccountsIQ is robustly designed to provide a single, unique database for each client company.
As clients grow they will transact more business. Our software facilitates their growth by providing secure, high-volume transaction capacity.

Also, our multi-unit, multi-location and multi-currency capabilities means you can continue to provide a service as clients expand in structural complexity.

Client Growth

Different clients have different accounting software needs. To find out more about AccountsIQContact Us

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What clients say

"We have worked with accountsIQ across a number of clients in various business sectors since 2008. Our management reporting team use the software in multiple jurisdictions, ensuring working across time-zones is seamless for our clients. " 

Claire McEvoyGrant Thornton

"accountsIQ is now an integral part of our offering. Both staff and clients really enjoy using the software and it serves a very diverse range of clients both in terms of industry and scale across multiple jurisdictions."

Gerry McNallyOwner of MBSL

“accountsIQ changes the nature of the client-accountant relationship from a 'once a year' contact to an ongoing conversation; changing our role from accountant to business advisor.”

Peter WilliamsPartner of Deloitte AU