Accounting Software for Renewable Energy Businesses

Hassle-free consolidation in a financial management platform that scales with your business

Finding the right accounting software to meet the needs of a portfolio of businesses at various stages of growth is difficult. Finding software which also offers consistent consolidation is even more of a challenge.

As one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, it’s crucial that renewable energy companies have systems in place that will meet their growing needs. Be it wind, solar or wave power, your accounting software needs to accommodate a long project life cycle and a multi-entity environment.  AccountsIQ is ideal for renewable energy businesses with multiple special purpose vehicles (SPVs) like Fincovi:

“Fincovi selected AccountsIQ as our accounting platform for its unique capability to manage wind and solar farm SPVs in a highly-controlled environment.” Ray O’Neill, Executive Director, Fincovi

Rapidly becoming the financial management platform of choice for renewable energy companies, AccountsIQ has unique consolidation features that allow you to manage all of your SPVs on one platform with the same coding structure. You can also automate intercompany recharges and centrally manage VAT reporting. AccountsIQ’s suite of APIs offers an important strategic capability, enabling the software to connect to other power providers and gather valuable information in one central system.

AccountsIQ makes it easy to automate and streamline your finances throughout a project’s lifetime, from initial site identification and planning applications to construction and ongoing maintenance. Our software seamlessly scales with your business, mitigating costly operational overheads and ultimately helping you realise greater return on your investment.

We decided to move to AccountsIQ as the company was growing and the software that we were using was not fit for purpose. We needed a package that could handle multiple entities, intercompany transactions and consolidation. AIQ was recommended to us by KPMG and I had also done my own research and came across you as a possible solution to our needs.”
Liz Murphy, Finance Director, Terra Solar

Features and Capabilities:

  • Full Consolidation across your Asset Portfolio by SPV, Project, Location
  • Centrally manage VAT reporting
  • Automatically manage intercompany recharges in one central place
  • Strategic advantage through API connections with other key stakeholders, improving information flow and enabling better business intelligence
  • Powerful General Ledger and automated month end to meet the accounting needs of your renewable energy businesses throughout their lifecycle

Watch a short video in which private equity firm Salamanca Group is able to produce consolidated reports using real-time data and custom management reporting packs in minutes.

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Designed for the cloud, AccountsIQ is unique in providing Accounting, Consolidation and Business Intelligence in one powerful solution.