Construction Accounting Software

Track Real Costs and Profitability throughout the Project Cycle

Accurate and timely billing along with up-to-the-minute visibility of costs and profit is vital when controlling high-value projects. For businesses in the construction and engineering sector, AccountsIQ allows income to be recognised as the work is delivered across the lifetime of a project – not just at billing points. This construction accounting software for contractors allows businesses to track the real cost of delivery and closely monitor profitability.

AccountsIQ’s project costing module allows contractors to integrate timesheets and to value work in progress. You can create projects by company, currency, or linked to a customer ledger. You can assign activities and resources to projects and the system will automate the approval process for invoicing and reporting.

For multi-company businesses, the software’s consolidation functionality allows you to analyse performance by company, region, business line or project and new income streams can be added quickly and easily.

The accounting software allows us to tag our income and expenditure in a way which provides really useful management information from a range of aspects.
Paul Kehoe, Finance Director., Linesight

With AccountsIQ you can:

  • Invoice at critical points, ensuring you bill the right amount at the right time
  • Track expenses and outlay against profits
  • Integrate timesheets
  • Manage multiple revenue streams and inter-company charges
  • A system which supports revenue recognition

Designed for the cloud, AccountsIQ is unique in providing Accounting, Consolidation and Business Intelligence in one powerful solution.