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Bring Productivity gains to your Charity in terms of Accounting and Reporting Responsibilities

Not for profit organisations typically have more complex accounting needs than commercial businesses the same size. The biggest challenge facing CFOs in the charities sector is finding an accounting system which meets their reporting requirements at a price they can afford.

AccountsIQ have designed charity accounting software which is written from scratch as a true cloud product to meet the more advanced accounting needs of larger organisations. As a Cloud-based accounting application, it comes at a more affordable price than PC-based systems with similar capabilities. Supporting over 50 charities whose operations span multiple legal entities worldwide, AccountsIQ has been proven to meet the complex accounting and consolidation requirements for the charity sector.

Recently, John Tate, ex-Special Adviser to the Charity Finance Group wrote a report on the issues facing the charity sector and reviewed AccountsIQ’s suitability for charities.

Staff have found the product really easy to use. They had two days on site training and were up and running – in some cases processing data within a day. As we grow, we are developing our use of AccountsIQ and have picked a good package to evolve with our needs.
Clare Sadler, Finance Manager at Hampshire Cultural Trust

Here are some of the accounting challenges we help not for profits to overcome.

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