Accounting Software For Restaurants and Bars

Accurate, Live Sales Analysis Means Better Decisions and Improved Profits

Whether your hospitality business is a single outlet, a group or a franchise, AccountsIQ’s next generation cloud accounting solution allows restaurant and bar owners to monitor live sales data at any time, from any device, in any currency and from anywhere in the world. The ability to create instant performance reports helps you to make better and faster decisions, improving profits.

Our cloud-based accounting application gives you real time information about your business’s performance; benchmarks one outlet against another; and allows you to see sales trends by product, by location. Its unique approach to consolidation allows you to continually analyse group performance or drill down to take a closer look by entity, location or department and product line. You can also identify and manage stock issues as well as automate pricing from a central source.

AccountsIQ will integrate with POS and EPOS systems, automatically updating your accounting system when a sale is made with banking integration for ease of auto reconciliation. Our accounting software for restaurants and bars has already been successfully integrated with Opera, Bleep and Fourth hospitality systems (other software integrations are available), joining up front to back office administration and processes and making restaurant and bar accounting much easier.

We are impressed with the reporting capabilities of AccountsIQ and with the support we got from the AccountsIQ team in implementing the new system. A cloud solution makes so much sense for a multi-location business like ours. We now have a strong foundation on which to manage and grow our operations and develop our franchise model, while maintaining tight control.
Barry Kehoe, Chief Financial Officer. Insomnia

  • Automated, integrated data from Point Of Sale to back office accounting improves efficiencies and reduces error
  • Accurate, live sales analysis by entity, by group, by product line or by location helps you make faster and better decisions
  • Apply pricing changes instantly across the business, controlled from a central source
  • Continual consolidation provides access anytime to live group performance in just one click
  • Easily identify and manage stock issues
  • Complex multi-currency and multi-company accounting is simplified
  • Integration with other restaurants and bars applications automatically exchanges data, reducing administration and error

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Designed for the cloud, AccountsIQ is unique in providing Accounting, Consolidation and Business Intelligence in one powerful solution.