Integrated Accounting Software

Save time, improve processes and report in real time.

Disconnected business systems cause frustration. They drain resource, breed inaccuracies and get in the way of good decision-making. With AccountsIQ you can connect data from other systems, automatically populate your finance system, and integrate with your financial reporting.

Before the Cloud, integrating systems was tricky and costly. Our Cloud Integrated Accounting Software means that AccountsIQ integrates easily with other Cloud-based apps saving you time, improving processes and giving you smart reporting in real time.


E-payments and Automated Bank Reconciliation

AccountsIQ integrates easily with many electronic banking systems. Bank reconciliation is automated to save time. Using analysis, the system generates a suggested payment process as well as cash flow forecasting, improving your payment planning.


Integration Partners

AccountsIQ has an open API strategy which makes integration easy with other apps such as Kefron APTransferMate Global PaymentsConcurSalesforce and ISAMs. Each time we create an integration with a development partner, it’s available for everyone. Our software integration partnerships allow us to quickly deploy integrated solutions for organisations with specific management information or reporting needs such as retail, schools and hospitality. We have also built business-wide solutions integrating data from other systems such as sales and marketing.

From an efficiency and a control perspective, our integrations save us so much time and reduce the risk of human error.  AccountsIQ’s ability to integrate with other Cloud or non-Cloud business systems has been very useful to us.”  Nicholas Treanor,  Financial Controller, Hibernia REIT