iSAMS School Management System Integration

iSAMs School Management System Integration

Integrating administration with multi-currency and multi-company accounting for schools

iSAMS is a browser-based management information and administration system for schools, academies and trusts.  It handles admissions, billing, news, timetables, exams, pupil profiles, registration and HR.  Our iSAMS school management system integration creates a unique, Cloud based accounting and administration system for schools.  It also handles multiple currencies for international schools and consolidated accounting for Multi-Academy Trusts.

The integrated fee billing and accounts systems help to eliminate unnecessary duplication of work and costly mistakes. While iSAMS handles the complicated billing structures and generates the invoices, AccountsIQ manages the accounts and balances. International schools benefit from AccountsIQ’s ability to handle multiple currencies. An additional integration with payroll software Earnie from IRIS provides even greater efficiency.

More than 600 schools around the world have chosen iSAMS as their trusted MIS. It was designed by teachers and comes with a fully-managed service from installation to training, system updates and support.

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