ION: Business and financial transformation

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IONION is a specialist in high-performance cloud-accounting solutions for mid-market and fast-growth businesses.

Established in 2016, ION partners with leading cloud-technology providers such as  AccountsIQ and has specialist experience within manufacturing, utilities, FinTech, professional services and non-profit sectors.

ION enables mid-market businesses to be faster and smarter, rapidly accelerate growth and outperform their competitors at every level. This is achieved through the implementation of the world’s most advanced enterprise cloud technologies and the tactical delivery of business and financial transformation services.

Financial Transformation

Having a technology platform and a delivery strategy is key to your success. ION works with your management team to design an end-to-end solution which will transform how you operate. We will work with you to understand operations and analyse performance, reviewing how it could be improved and automated to increase productivity through configurations.

ION is proud to be implementation partners for AccountsIQ and are licensed to resell AccountsIQ financial management software, implement and customize the software to suit individual business needs.


We can support businesses with:

To learn more about ION’s services, visit the ION website or get in touch to talk to a specialist advisor.