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Lightyear software automates mundane tasks and streamlines the traditional Accounts Payable process, saving businesses up to 80% of the time spent processing supplier bills.

With Lightyear software you  can break free from data entry with automated line-by-line data extraction. No more typing up invoices, no more passing sheets of paper around the office, no more hours spent reconciling supplier statements and no more filing cabinets.

The software enables you to automate your approvals with the customisable approvals workflow and improves collaboration and compliance with a suite of messaging, note-taking, audit trail tracking and communication tools.

How does AccountsIQ’s Lightyear Software integration work?

In five steps Lightyear automates your Accounts Payables from receiving supplier bills and credit notes via a unique Lightyear email address, extracting data and auto coding line-items, one-click approvals from desktop or mobile app, automated supplier statement reconciliation, syncing all data with AccountsIQ and archiving documents for up to 7 years.

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“Lightyear software is a great app that makes managing accounts payable so much easier. It’s simple to use and saves a lot of hassle and time each month.” Mark Hollingworth, Senior Partnerships Manager

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