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TransferMate cogged alongside AccountsIQ
TransferMate is a global, end-to-end, B2B payments platform which sends & receives secure, multi-currency, international payments fast and efficiently, handling almost every currency globally.

A smart way to manage international payments

AccountsIQ has partnered with the global payments company, offering customers a new way to access FX rates for payments, automated from within the finance system. Customers can make and receive international payments whilst saving a great deal of time on what can be a very cumbersome administration task.

Our accounting software now seamlessly integrates with market-leading TransferMate, providing customers with significant cost-savings on their international payments.

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AccountsIQ seamless payments TransferMate

How will clients benefit?

Watch this short video to explain the benefits the partnership will bring to AccountsIQ’s customers.


Improved FX Rates & No Fees
£/€45 cost savings per payment = £/€54,000 p.a.
Admin Time Saving
7.5 mins savings per FX payment
= 18.5 admin days p.a. @£/€40 per hour = £/€6,000 p.a.
Total potential annual savings = £/€60,000 p.a.

Example of how much you can save with TransferMate: AccountsIQ’s CEO, Tony Connolly did a straight comparison between a €20k transfer he needed to make into Sterling, comparing our bank quoted cost and the TransferMate cost. AccountsIQ’s integration with TransferMate saved €410 on that one transaction, a saving of 2% (on a batch of  payments equalling €100,000 in value, this would equate to c. €2,000!)

Read our Press Release about how seamless FX payments can now be made from within AccountsIQ

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