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Saleforce logoLinking sales to finance for better account management.

Salesforce is the original Software as a Service (SaaS) application. It is a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system used by small right up to enterprise-sized businesses to manage prospects through to sales.

Our Salesforce accounting software integration allows you to create sales orders for the finance system based on closed opportunities within Salesforce. Payments taken via Salesforce can be passed across to AccountsIQ. The integration works both ways allowing sales staff to access customer balances and statuses added by the finance team. Exchanging vital information between the front and the back office in this simple way creates consistent data and improved account management.

Pioneering in Cloud technology, Salesforce to this day remains the world’s leading Cloud application. More than 150,000 businesses worldwide use Salesforce to help them grow income and become more profitable. The integration with AccountsIQ makes it possible for medium-sized organisations to benefit from linking Salesforce sales data directly to their finance system.

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