Customer Support Team

woman from Customer Support Team on the phone

We are dedicated to helping all users and customers succeed on all fronts and to optimise their use of AccountsIQ. Our Customer Service and AccountsIQ support team members are highly knowledgeable experts on AccountsIQ software.

We pride ourselves on our fast response times and 100% resolution of all issues. If you need assistance, please contact us:

UK Support: 0203 598 7351 (option 3)
Ireland Support: 01 707 4400 (option 3)

You can also contact us via the AccountsIQ Software

You can contact us by clicking on ‘Support’ top right of your AccountsIQ screen:

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Or ask us a question using the Chat facility.

Or consult our Knowledge Base to see if there’s a frequently asked question that might help you:

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Our product is constantly evolving based on the feedback from our clients. We listen to our users and so if there is a particular piece of functionality that you would like us to consider implementing, talk to us! Upgrades to our accounting software benefit everyone, and so all change requests are periodically reviewed.

Instructions for Browser Set-up

Download the pdf for instructions on setting up your Internet Explorer browser for AccountsIQ.

Browser set up pdf download