AccountsIQ has a 98% customer satisfaction rate.
4,000 companies across the world use our software

Whether it’s a fast-growing start up using cloud software for the first time, an established company which has switched from another starter cloud package, or an accountancy practice which demands the ultimate in scalable, reliable software for its customers, AccountsIQ is fast becoming the number one choice in mid-market Cloud accounting software.

Happy we chose AccountsIQ. A smooth implementation through to responsive customer service. It’s Easy to use and flexible unlike finance software of old. Consolidation saves days each month vs previous methods. Gaining more business insight with the reporting functionality.

Simon Brown, Financial Controller, Getech (Tech company)

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AccountsIQ has delivered the best possible solution to the Diocese and Parishes and continues to release new features and functionality that make our systems efficient and compliant.

Ide Finnegan, Head of Finance, Archdiocese of Dublin

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Having explored the market for a new accounting software solution, we happened upon AccountsIQ. A needs assessment carried out with them very quickly established that AccountsIQ could do everything that we were looking for and more. The transition from our legacy system was seamless and the support throughout has been without fault. What is also hugely admirable is their commitment to continued development of their product roadmap and attention to customer needs and feedback, often missing with larger Accounting ERP system providers.

Ken O’Flaherty, Chief Financial Officer, (Tech company)

This powerful cloud accounting software has transformed our whole month end process through its intelligent intercompany & consolidation capabilities. Also impressed with its extensive suite of reports.

Sinead Miles, Group Financial Controller, Kefron (Tech company)

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AccountsIQ gives charities robust tools to manage their financial processes and help them to comply with regulatory and reporting requirements and good governance standards. The AIQ offering for charities provides a system which is accessible, affordable and scalable. The potential for integration with other systems such as a CRM and Payroll systems provides for further data security and efficiency improvements.

Sylvester Murphy, Deputy CEO, Enclude (charity sector technology consultancy)

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We’ve taken the opportunity to redesign and rebuild our reports because of the flexibility within AccountsIQ. We are no longer restricted to what, when and how we report; it is a big step change. AccountsIQ saves me a week’s worth of work every month end.

Simon Brown, Financial Controller, Getech (energy company)

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Great product – lot of automation and powerful granular reporting! Saves an awful lot of what was manual work. Good API’s mean that you can adopt the best of breed approach to your business.

Chris Pomfret, iSAMS (Education tech company)

We decided to move to AccountsIQ as the company was growing and the software that we were using was not fit for purpose. We needed a package that could handle multiple entities, intercompany transactions and consolidation. AIQ was recommended to us by KPMG and I had also done my own research and came across you as a possible solution to our needs.

Liz Murphy, Finance Director, Terra Solar (solar energy company)

Mid February, I learned that Sage was withdrawing Sage Financials in December. We only put it in 21 months ago. So I have been looking for a good cloud-based replacement that is strong on Dimensions /Analysis Codes.

Among a dozen candidates was AccountsIQ. I took a peek at a demo system and really liked it. Great scalable product, with an innovative approach to Dimensions. I hoped we might break all records and implement it in a week as our new accounting year started on 1 April. I signed a contract Wednesday morning and we went live at 4:30 on Thursday afternoon.

Neil Goulder, Director of Finance & Operations, Artichoke Trust

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AccountsIQ allows us to closely monitor profitability of the operation and participate in operational decisions on pricing etc when required. We are delighted with the solution and particularly the reporting capability and have found the support to be excellent.

Kevin Ruane, CFO; Agra Trading

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Having implemented AIQ whilst covering a maternity leave, I got to know all the features and felt the system was a better fit for our rapidly growing business here in FourTheorem- a way to future proof our finance system!

Pauline O’Shea, Financial Controller, FourTheorem

We evaluated many alternatives and found AccountsIQ offered the most compelling solution. Its reporting capability and especially its Digital Dashboard has proven to be the ‘killer app’ for GCX.

Eamonn O’Shea, CEO, Continuum Commerce

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With AccountsIQ it is easy to get the idea of what they’re doing and why. It’s very easy for the student to visualise the process and it gives them confidence that they’re doing the right thing.

Linden Lee, IT Lecturer, UCD

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As part of our strategy as outsourced accounting providers, moving to the cloud to service our client base was essential. AccountsIQ is now an integral part of our offering. Staff and clients really enjoy using the software and it serves a very diverse range of clients both in industry and scale across multiple jurisdictions.

Gerry McNally, Director, MBSL

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Green Rock has undergone significant growth in the last 12 months, and the AccountsIQ and implementation partner team has been instrumental in enabling the visibility we required to make the right decisions. Management information is now faster and delivered in a clear digital format, and we have a better handle on our finances than ever before.

Simon Green, Founder, Green Rock

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We have a much faster month-end close, shaving 15 days off typically. We’re now closing on day 10, when we used to close the books around the 25th. Previously this was unheard of in the business. Now that we have a simpler system to use, we now have more time to dedicate to more strategic work.

Fiona McKenna, Interim CFO, StitcherAds

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We chose AccountsIQ for its easy implementation, excellent help notes, competitive price, and honest support. They seemed very experienced in migration from Sage Financials, very responsive, and I was able to have an ongoing relationship with the same people. AccountsIQ has set us up to do internal and external reporting and VAT returns more quickly and more accurately than ever before.

Jane Bryan, Finance Director, Whale and Dolphin Conservation

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We needed to move to a cloud-based accounting solution that could meet the needs of our complicated but simple group of publishing and media businesses. We were looking for a high level of core functionality instead of bespoke patching and a system readily capable of scaling-up. Although AccountsIQ was an established product it became obvious to us the product would evolve. Lastly, the pricing was very competitive, and the accreditation by the ICAEW was important to us.

Mark Moore, Finance Director, New Statesman Media Group Limited

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We were with Sage Financials before coming on board with AccountsIQ. I had a very painful start on the implementation with Sage. Our implementation consultant (Andrew Faulkner)is very knowledgeable, approachable and professional, and gave us a very confidence/smooth experience with AccountsIQ.

Ji Zhong, Accountant, McGregor Boyall

Our team evaluated a number of online solutions, and selected AccountsIQ, mainly because it handled all our complex multi-currency issues very well. We also wanted a solution we could later integrate with Salesforce to allow confirmed orders to be automatically transferred, and that integration was already in place.

Donal Daly, Executive Chairman, Altify

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AccountsIQ solves so many problems for businesses like ours; it can be configured to tackle quite complex accounting issues but without the overheads and ongoing costs associated with some of the vendors at the higher end of the market.

Emma Whelan, Financial Controller, Asavie

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I wanted an accounting platform that could grow with us in terms of feature functionality and product roadmap. AccountsIQ gave me assurance that this would be the case and it’s proven to be the case.

Ken O’Flaherty, CFO, Zarion Software

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It is easy to go with the larger names in the world of accounting, but after over 20 years in Accounting Software implementation, AccountsIQ is the easiest to use product I have ever used and the power of Accounts IQ equals and surpasses much larger and more expensive products I have implemented.

David Tinnion, Business Analyst, ION

It is AccountsIQ’s ability to keep pace with our rate of growth which has been the most measurable benefit to us. It not only makes the process of on-boarding a new business straightforward, the system’s flexible coding structure makes the process of adding and monitoring new income lines simple.

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Paul Kehoe, Finance Director, Linesight

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My favourite thing about the AccountsIQ system is how easy it is to manage multiple companies and switch between them. I’m always moving from one company to another and it’s just so easy with AccountsIQ. I can very easily drill down into the detail and get from the big picture to the small picture very quickly which is very useful for me.

Neil Griffiths, Senior Partner, PRP Architects

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Great accounting software package especially if you need to consolidate multiple entities/currencies.

Joanna Coomey, Finance Manager, Carma Technology (Tech company)

Great application with so much power for the price point. My go-to enterprise solution when a business moves up the maturity/complexity curve – in-application consolidation, simple and streamlined inter-company, powerful API and amazing data segmentation with up to 6 dimensions to grab data!

Alastair Barlow, founder, flinder (accountancy practice)

We are impressed with the reporting capabilities of AccountsIQ, and with the support we got from the AccountsIQ team in implementing the new system. A cloud solution makes so much sense for a multi-location business like ours. We now have a strong foundation on which to manage and grow our operations and develop our franchise model, while maintaining tight control.

Barry Kehoe, CFO, Insomnia Coffee Company

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I’ve spent 20 years in finance and AccountsIQ is by far the best solution I’ve come across. Hands down beats the major players and has more functionality at a cost effective price. Wish I found this years ago.

Lee Camp, Group Finance Director, Salamanca Group (merchant banking company)

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The software is intuitive and quite simple to implement which means you are up and running fairly quickly. It’s very easy to use. We’ve got ambitions for growth and we know AccountsIQ will allow us to move quickly when we add new entities to the group.

Marcus Karia, Group Finance Director, Arix Bioscience (Biotech investment company)

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Using the TransferMate Global Payments service within AccountsIQ has enabled us to make significant savings on our FX payments. On one recent FX transaction alone we saved €2,500 versus the rate quoted by our bank. It was also easy – doing it directly from within AccountsIQ as part of the normal payment run process. Saving money while streamlining our FX payment process – it is a no brainer for me.

David McMahon, CEO, Emydex (food processing software company)

Great cloud based accounting product and easy to use. Able to produce statutory and management accounts efficiently and the reporting capabilities are numerous for any sized business wanting to enhance its business intelligence information.

Stephen Plant, Finance Manager, Gayhurst School

We had seen the AccountsIQ software in use by two other organisations and knew it worked very well for them. Also, I was aware that PwC use AccountsIQ as the software behind their My Financepartner service. In addition, our auditors Grant Thornton use AccountsIQ, which reinforced our decision.

Anne Sommerville, Financial Controller, American Chamber of Commerce Ireland

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We were looking for accounting software that was very clear and easy to use but still powerful enough to provide great business analytics and manage consolidations effectively. AccountsIQ has ticked all the right boxes and we are very happy that we have made the move.

Neil Griffiths, Senior Partner, PRP Architects

When we set out on our journey to implement a new accounting system for the Kingsworth Group of Schools, ease of use, integration with our current MIS, friendly relations and great customer service were top of our pre-requisites. With AccountsIQ, we have all of that and more.

Tony Standing, Director of Information, Kingsworth International School

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The implementation process was faultless, we migrated from Quickbooks and had regular meetings and encouragement to keep us on track. The API was the feature that sold AIQ to us and it has been great. AIQ support is superb so any issues we have ever had have been resolved quickly.

Helen MacDonald, Finance Manager, PortSwigger

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We have been using AccountsIQ (AIQ) for a number of years. In the last couple of years we acquired some entities that were on different accounting platforms. We had been happy with AIQ and decided to expand the platform to take all our entities to the one platform. This will ease the general management of the company and greatly simplify the consolidation process.

Mel Lynam, Director of Finance, Smartfrog

The reason I chose AccountsIQ is due to the ability to automate aspects of our monthly consolidation and take it off Excel along with providing a seamless system driven PO system and a controllable and accurate platform for recording and reporting on the financials of our business. Robert Dillon, Phelan Energy Group

Robert Dillon, Phelan Energy Group (renewable energy company)

AccountsIQ has really helped us maximise efficiencies by being so user-friendly and versatile, with some really useful tools. My favourite tool is the GL Explorer, it allows us to review both live and retrospective P&L and balance sheets instantly, as well as drill down to a transactional level. Also, the automated bank reconciliation is very efficient.

Aoife Smith, Head of Finance, EPIC (Museum)

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See the difference AccountsIQ can make to your organisation

We needed quite complex functionality including multi-company consolidation and multi-currency accounting and were delighted to find a mid-market cloud solution for hotels in AccountsIQ.

Ian Bremner, Director of Hotel Accounting, French Duncan (accountancy practice)

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I have used numerous accounting packages over the years but AccountsIQ is the most intuitive relative to the vast amount of functionality available. Its in-depth reporting functionality is a standout for me and when management often requires variations to the standard monthly P&L, the ability to tailor the reporting parameters saves me valuable time and frustrations.

The other key differentiators are its multi-currency and consolidation functions. We recently bought another company which was operating on MYOB so reviewing both sets of accounts each month highlighted the superiority in multi-currency that AccountsIQ has, amongst other advantages.

Morag McKeand, Financial Controller, Educrowd (skills management company)

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Fincovi selected AccountsIQ as our accounting platform for its unique capability to manage wind and solar farm SPVs in a highly controlled environment.

Ray O’Neill, Executive Director, fincovi (renewable energy financial services company)

When I was researching accounting software alternatives, AccountsIQ had a lot of clients in our sector, mostly with similar needs: simple accounting, complex reporting, consolidation and international requirements. I could see AccountsIQ working well for us too.

Rob Shaw, CFO, Apera Asset Management

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AccountsIQ is a great user friendly management accounting software package which makes the month end process substantially quicker. The software is straightforward to navigate with an impressive consolidation tool, as well as automatic foreign exchange functions.

Highly recommended for groups with multiple entities in different currencies. There are various online modules to assist with using the software and a helpful support team.

Paul Cran, CFO, Assure Hedge

AccountsIQ is ideal for our complex accounting requirements. We were delighted to find a solution that is intuitive to use and enables us to report on our group structure easily, all at an affordable price.

Wayne Copeland, Head of Finance, AES International

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AccountsIQ build good relationships with their clients. They really get stuck in to learn the business and are solution oriented. If something isn’t working, they’ll work with the client and figure it out.

Louise McCarthy, Irish Examiner, Irish Times

AccountsIQ provides us with a solution that is simultaneously accessible to everyone without us having to worry about the IT infrastructure to achieve this. It allows us to closely monitor profitability of the operation and participate in operational decisions on pricing etc. when required. We are delighted with the solution and particularly the reporting capability and have found the support to be excellent.

Ray Nolan, Founder, Worky

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We can now give clients on-demand access to their accounts, reports or analysis. Creating new clients is quick and easy, and we can import data from any software making their data transition extremely hassle free.

Neal Morrison, Partner, McInerney Saunders

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We’ve got a fantastic product and the implementation team has been very good, particularly with our management accounting project. My mantra is ‘making finance valued and valuable’. With AccountsIQ, and a great team here at HCT, we are making that happen.

Charlie Inigo-Jones, Director of Finance and Resources, Hampshire Cultural Trust

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Since implementing AccountsIQ, the day-to-day tasks for the team are much more interesting and less repetitive. We can spend much more time problem-solving and carrying out pre-emptive checks.

Felicity Field, Group Director, Fevore Group

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With AccountsIQ and with the expert support from flinder, our controls are better, the information is far richer, the system is more robust and reporting is timely. By reconfiguring our operation and moving platform, we will likely save between three and four hundred thousand pounds per year.”

Alastair Manson, Group Finance Director, Tindle

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AccountsIQ saves us a day a week in processing time in data entry from other business systems, reconciliation, and automated invoice processing. This allows us to spend more time on the more “value-add” aspects of the Finance function, analysing and presenting information on which the senior management team can make more informed decisions.

Nicholas Treanor, Financial Controller, Hibernia REIT (property investment company)

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Ramarketing were looking for an SME solution that provided a variety of insights into our project profitability, whilst managing group consolidation and multi-currency. ION helped us select, implement and support the introduction of AccountsIQ to achieve this, without compromising the statutory requirements of an accounting system

Barry Goddard, Finance Director, Ramarketing

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