Why AccountsIQ?

AccountsIQ is a cloud accounting software application with a difference

Created by accountants for companies and accountancy practices, AccountsIQ software is designed to meet the needs of businesses with multiple international subsidiaries. Our unique approach to accounting gives financial teams the tools they need in order to:

AccountsIQ is a cloud-based alternative to Sage and Xero, revolutionising the way you work!

A unique approach to consolidation

Business groups that comprise more than one company face the complicated issue of consolidating their accounts across the group. AccountsIQ makes it simple and can save your organisation up to one week each month by automating the consolidation process.

Collaboration made easy

AccountsIQ cloud accounting software allows simple and secure collaboration between individuals, departments and subsidiaries, saving time and helping colleagues to work more efficiently together.

  • Individuals can submit expenses and raise purchase orders remotely via the cloud, so that finance teams can approve and process them
  • Different user profiles allow colleagues across the company to access dashboards with relevant and appropriate accounts information
  • Transactions between subsidiary companies can be processed easily

Extended business analytics

AccountsIQ can provide advanced financial analysis for businesses. Detailed bespoke reports give you a better insight into your company performance – and because the software is cloud-based, live and up-to-the-minute reports can be accessed anywhere, from any device.

Seamless software integration

No accounting software exists in isolation. We’ve designed AccountsIQ with an API that is easy to integrate with other cloud-based apps, for a seamless and efficient accounting solution.

  • Integrate data from other software to streamline your processes, save time and reduce operational costs
  • Bespoke integration solutions will provide the best and most efficient mode of working for your business
  • Our integration partners include SalesForce, Concur, iSAMS, Kefron, AutoEntry, Opera and Fourth to name a few

Expert support services at your fingertips

At AccountsIQ we recognise that superior client support is essential when using a cloud accounting software application. From implementation to ongoing support, our professional team is here to offer expert assistance at all times.